Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day at the East End - Itinieary 2

Here is another idea for Father's Day out east especially if Dad is oyster fan like Nat.

I located Widows Hole Oyster Co by luck from an article I was reading, unfortunately I can't remember the source.  I knew I had to take Nat there for father's day.  I called the farm, booked a tour, gave them approximate time and we were set.

It's a bit of a drive to Greenport, so before getting there, we stopped by Bay View Farm to break up the trip a bit.  It is a cute farm stand with a small playground in the back. 
We left our iPad at Bay View, we got it back with just a quick call hours later.  I will always stop by here to pick something up for this nice act.

The Widow's Hole is actually a normal home where Mike and his family live, the only difference is that their backyard is an oyster farm.  Mike and Isabel were not home when we arrived, I think they were on a delivery run.  We were greeted by their teenage daughter and son.  They gave us a tour of the oyster farm and the first floor of their home.  They were shy and sweet, one played the piano and the other played the drums, so we were greeted with music by them as well!   Isabel is an artist, so there were many of her art work around, which added another interesting factor to the whole experience.

Out of respect we didn't take any pictures inside of their home, but here are few pictures of their dog and the backyard. 
 They took a bucket out here, just like that, picked up 2 dozen oysters.  We learnt to open the oysters and quickly they were in our belly! 

On the way back home, we stopped by Goodale Farm to pick up a pie, while the kids check out how they milk goats, and if you are brave enough, catch a chicken.  (farm is free). 
I think the Mattituck Strawberry Festival almost always lands on Father's Day weekend.  Since we were out there, we stopped by to checked it out.  Kids had fun on some rides, but the strawberries were okay, the strawberries were the same as what you buy at a Stop and Shop.
We ate at a restaurant that was mediocre during this trip, but if you are in the area, aMano Osteria were really amazing when we went few years back.

Here you can find a list of long island farms if you want to check out something different. 

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