Monday, June 2, 2014

On Parenting

First, I want to be clear that I am no expert on parenting.  In fact, I am no expert at anything really, but I am always open to improvements.

There is no right or wrong way on parenting, everyone's parenting style is different, every child is different, there is no one parenting book in the world could tell you exactly what you have to do to be the right parent to your child.  I find that when parents sit around in a room talking about parenting issues, there are generally some disagreements or different approaches to each situation.  Sometimes, the conversation just stops, sometimes, we avoid talking too much about it as it can be sensitive to one another.  

With that said, there are some parenting practices that work well for many kids, hence there are many good parenting books that are worth reading.  So, I am here to share some best practices I have experienced with my kids, and I am hoping to read other's best practices, so we can be aware of different approaches for different situations.  I know I can use some good parenting practices from other parents.
So, lately, I've been taking Aiden (age 7) to the supermarket and I asked him to shop for items on my shopping list.  Mostly picking out fruits, vegetables and dry goods.  He helped me pick fruits that look good, and looked at the price for comparison from one week to another.  I did this because I don't want him to run around the store and focusing on junk food.  Last week, I took Aiden with me to TJ Maxx near his swimming lesson.  I was there to return a shirt, but of course I couldn't help myself but to browse.  Aiden asked: " Mom, what are you looking for?  I can help you look."  So it darned on me that the supermarket tasks have other benefits!  I asked him to look for flip flops for himself, but he had no luck.  

Aiden:  "Can I help you find a dress mom?"
Me: "Sure."
Aiden: "What size are you?"
Me: "XYZ size"
Aiden: "Okay!"

He brought back a royal blue (his favorite color) and a hot pink (what he thinks I like).  

I picked the hot pink, we tried it on in the fitting room where he was able to help me zip up.  And the moment I said I loved the dress, his eyes lit up with big smile of accomplishment.  I know he felt really happy and proud at that moment.  
What are some of your good parenting moments?  Will you share with us?

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