Nesting Around is a family lifestyle and travel blog I write at leisure.  I live in the suburb near New York City with my husband Nat and my two kids Aiden and Kylin.    I hope to document our daily life with our frequent travels near and far, share our experiences with food, fashion, and fun things to do around town.  I hope you'll stay and look around, perhaps find useful travel itiniearies, tips, and experiences you might want to try.

I was born in a small fishing village in a rural area of China in 1979, and grew up there with big dreams of living in the America.  When I first came to the US in 1992, I did not speak a word of English, and worked as child labor in Chinese restaurants until I was able to escape to college.  I think I finally assimilated into the culture during college thankfully to many good friends, who still are til this day.  I will always remember my life in the village as it holds the best experiences I have ever had and it helps me appreciate everything I have today. 
So, I am here to share things I love to do with my family, and hope it can be helpful to you, especially to those who are in the similar situation as I was back then.

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