Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day at the East End - Itinieary 1

It has become a tradition that we go on family weekend getaway or a day trip on Father's day.  It started a few year's back when Aiden was 3 when we went to the Bronx Zoo and ended our day at Andersen Ave.  Nat really loved just us time, and appreciated the memories we created on these mini trips.

We are going to stay at a 200 year old mill this year, but we want to share with you a day we spent in the East End last year as a Father's Day outing idea. 

First Stop,

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center, this is small, but cute aquarium that can be done in 2.5 hours.  The tickets are not cheap as it seems so with most aquariums, but if you find an online deal like Groupon or Living Social, this would be a great stop especially if you have little kids. 
If you are butterfly lovers, the exhibition center is small but has nice display of butterflies last year at extra cost.
The Long Island Aquarium is located in Riverhead very close by the Tanger's outlet, many people may prefer to stop by and spend the rest of the day shopping.


Joe's Crab Shack also has a branch in Riverhead, we decided to stop by there for a bucket of seafood, since Nat gets excited whenever he sees Joe's.
Next Stop,

The Big Duck!!  Checking it off from the bucket list of 100 things to do with your kids on Long Island before they grow up. 
Last Stop,

We stopped in Garden of Eve, not only for its organic produce, but also for its cute little playground and its little lavender farm especially for me.  There were no one there but us at the end of the day, it was perfect!!

We ended the night at Grey Horse Tavern which is a farm to table restaurant using only local organic products.


After dinner, we noticed the restaurant is very close to the water, so we drove towards the water, and we found a beach with a swing and a dock.  Perfect ending to the day!


  1. Thanks Mimi! You totally inspired me to take Peter and my Dad out east for Father's Day this weekend!

    1. Yay!! You can't go wrong going east!! P.S. Thanx for the first comment ever on my blog!

    2. We'll be heading to Martha Clara for lunch, wine & petting zoo and then the LI Aquarium after. We decided to head back to Port for dinner to try and beat the Sunday night traffic. Have fun at your 200 year old mill!

    3. Great plan. Martha Clara has beautiful sunflower field, hope you guys find them blooming when you are there!!

  2. This was a year ago? This was and still is a great trip. Thanks for planning this trip and putting one of the many smiles you have been putting on my face since I met you. Love you hot stuff!