Friday, May 9, 2014

Vintage Rings for Mother's Day


I have very chubby and short fingers, it is extremely hard for me to find rings I can wear well.  But for some reason, I keep buying rings I like and then never wear them because they don't really look good on my hands or they are uncomfortable.  I guess you just want the things you can't have.  With that said, I continue on my search for rings every opportunity I find, and continue to make the same mistakes, hoping one day I will find that perfect ring. 

I get myself in the situation again yesterday at my favorite vintage jewelry store Pippin.  I would like to keep this place a secret, but I think it is too late, because it is always so busy in the store nowadays.  It was a true gem years ago, where pretty much 80% of my costume jewelry were from there.   

This is a very small ring, but I love saphire and it can be stacked with maybe my next vintage find?

Here are few more from Pippin I am lusting for:

Tip::  Pippin sells one of kind items, once sold, you will probably not going to see the same thing again.  BUT, they have new shipment every weekend, so next time you are in the area during a weekend, pop in and see what you might find!


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